Sandra Izbaşa: “I want to win the World title”

The glory of Olimpycs was left back.

Gold medalist at floor, Sandra Izbaşa made her plans for the next competitional season, which will come also with the new code of points.

Izbaşa started the trainings in Deva since Monday and she is preparing for the last competitions of the year, the Gran Prix laps.

Wasn’t the holiday too short?

No, it is suitable. I know that a hard year is coming and we have to start the work in time. If I would not stayed in gymnastics, it was surely longer.

How do the future sounds?

With many, many trainings (laughing), force and tehnique, than we start with the new exercises made for the new code of points.

Are you afraid of this new start?

No. Altought all will be changed and I started from zero, I am waiting for the competitions. I am motivated, maybe more than I was until now, just to be healthy.

Your priorities…

The school, I have to finish it and then to take the gold medal at the World Championships. I want a World title, some medals at European Championships and I want to make the all around competition.

It’s my dream!

Did the Olympic medal changed you?

No, it couldn’t change me. I remain the same, with the same group of friends, with the same dreams and with the same ambition to show what I can do. Maybe it just motivated me more and made me have more confidence in myself.

Source Prosport

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