Grand Prix Milano Results

Sandra at Grand Prix MilanoFirst of all I want to say congratulation Sandra and Dana!!!
As we expected, Sandra was great at this competition also and won the floor event and was second on balance beam after Lia Parolari. The big surprise was Dana Druncea because we did not expect to see her competing this year but we are glad to see she’s healthy and we hope she’s also motivated to continue and demonstrate what she’s capable of.

Here are the results:

Women’s Floor Exercise
1. Sandra Izbasa ROM 14.850 (5.8/9.15/-.1)
2. Daniela Druncea ROM 14.000 (5.7/8.30)
3. Serena Licchetta ITA 13.750.000 (5.5/8.55/-.3)
4. Lia Parolari ITA 13.600 (4.9/8.70)
5. Andrea La Spada ITA 13.550 (5.5/8.05)

Balance Beam
1. Lia Parolari ITA 14.850 (6.1/8.75)
2. Sandra Izbasa ROM 14.650 (6.4/8.25)
3. Andrea La Spada ITA 14.400 (5.7/8.70)
4. Daniela Druncea ROM 14.150 (5.7/8.45)
5. Serena Licchetta ITA 13.750 (5.8/7.95)

Uneven Bars
1. He Kexin CHN 17.000 (7.7/9.30)
2. Lia Parolari ITA 14.700 (6.1/8.60)
3. Serena Licchetta ITA 14.300 (6.0/8.30)
4. Andrea La Spada ITA 14.100 (5.6/8.50)
5. Daniela Druncea ROM 12.650 (5.6/7.15/-.1)

I also uploaded on youtube some videos (no sound unfortunately) with Sandra’s floor event

and Dana’s floor event:

and uneven bar:

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