Sandra at Nadia Comaneci International Invitational

International Gymnast Magazine published an article about the upcoming competition “Nadia Comaneci International Invitational” in Oklahoma City and also offered us some great videos from girl’s training.

2008 Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania leads the field, which also includes her 2007 worlds teammate Daniela Druncea.

Izbasa and Druncea trained are training all four events, and worked efficiently in training. After a brief warmup, they moved to vault. They each performed one Yurchenko timer, then flipped one tucked Yurchenko, then one tucked Yurchenko-full and then multiple layout Yurchenko-fulls. After brief tests of the other equipment, they immediately began performing half and then full routines.

Here are Izbasa and Kononenko training balance beam. It seems like Sandra has a new element, “wolf jump with 360 turn”, you can see it at minute 0:59 in this video.

You can read the rest of the article here.

2 Responses

    Team Competition
    1. Romania 108.900
    2. Ukraine 107.100
    3. Israel 104.100
    4. Krafft Academy 99.300
    5. Japan/Kazakhstan 99.250
    6. Russia 98.150
    7. Mexico 96.250

    Senior All-Around
    1. Sandra Izbasa ROM 55.550
    2. Yana Demyanchuk UKR 54.450
    3. Daniela Druncea 53.350
    4. Roni Rabinovitz ISR 52.650
    5. Hazuki Tazoe JPN 49.950
    6. Tali Liak ISR 49.900
    7. Brittany Harris USA 49.750
    8. Madison Mooring USA 48.800
    9. Naama Bernstain ISR 48.650
    10. Victoria Harrison USA 46.600

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