Yay!!! Izbasa to Compete Against Great Britain

2008 Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania is planning to compete in a dual meet against Great Britain in Ipswich, England, Aug. 12-14.

Izbasa, who turned 20 on June 18, tore her right Achilles’ tendon in September 2009 while preparing for the London world championships. She told IG earlier this year that she probably would not compete at all in 2010. Now she is planning to compete on vault, balance beam and floor exercise in Ipswich. Health permitting, she will most likely compete at the Rotterdam worlds in October.

In other Romanian news, the drama surrounding Nicolae Forminte seems to have been resolved. Forminte, who took over as women’s head coach in 2005, when Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang retired, resigned earlier this summer when he learned that the Romanian Gymnastics Federation had recruited the expertise of Bellu and Bitang for the national team. After taking a vacation, Forminte returned to his post, but only briefly. Now he is looking elsewhere for a coaching position.

The national team has been training in Izvorani (outside of Bucharest) over the summer, but plans are not finalized for the fall. Also, it is still unknown which coaches will accompany the women’s team to the world championships in Rotterdam.

Could the successful tandem of Bellu and Bitang be walking the sidelines again? Stay tuned.

International Gymnast Magazine

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