Sandra’s back! :)

Anna from Italy ask me to make a summary in English to the previous article, so here it is:

Sandra Izbasa recovered her exercises on vault, floor and beam and she already thinks of new challenges.

A lot of work, hundreds of repetitions, an individual training program followed day by day, combined with ambition and determination: „Sandra is training well, she perfectly recovered her routines, we can say she recovered also her difficulty, meaning she recovered the floor exercise she had before” – Anca Grigoras. With competitive routines, Sandra can return in competitions right next week when romania meets Great Britain in Ipswich.

Even if „IG” is doubtless about Sandra’s comeback, Anca Grigoras declares: „Even if Sandra seems ready, we are not sure that after this period wherein she had so much to recover she’s totally prepared. Although she works well the routines on three aparatus she doesn’t have a sufficient number of repetitions, so that we’ll take a decision only a couple a days before we leave”. Sandra’s comeback was planned for 17th-19th of September at Romanian Nationals in Resita.

I really really hope we’ll see Sandra in Ipswich because I missed her a lot 😀 but also because she needs to compete to regain her confidence.

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  1. Thank you so much 🙂

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