Interview: Ten Questions with Sandra Izbasa

TCG Romanian reporter Beatrice Gheorghisor asked recently returned Olympic floor champion Sandra Izbasa the TCG Ten Questions….

What is one thing your coaches are always having to tell you?

During the training, there are the directions and during the contest, there are encouragements. The directions are never the same because the mistakes are never the same!

If you were to go to the Olympics for another sport, what would you want it to be?


If you could change one rule in gymnastics, what would it be?

I would change the Code of Points: I would change many things regarding the vault and  the balance beam and also the floor. Maybe for the uneven bars although I don’t train that apparatus but I would like to have a better chance of getting higher scores!  On floor, I would increase the value of certain elements that are very difficult : for instance a full twisting back tuck is worth the same as a full twisting back piked and I think that the piked one is more difficult. Also I would reward some connections better.

What was your proudest moment?

The moment of the Olympics in 2008. The Olympic Gold is something that you always remember.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I did not have any funny mishaps, nothing to be embarrassed about. Because when I had an unpleasant moment it was awfully bad, not the funny kind of unpleasant.

Sandra with her coaches

What makes you angry?

Nothing. Now, after the injury I had to rebuild my life. I had a really tough time in the past and now I am beginning a new chapter. And I see life with more mature eyes.

What makes you laugh?

All the charismatic people that surround me. They make me laugh, I feel good around them…

If you could be anyone famous who would you be?

An actress? I like very much Angelina Jolie, among singers: Beyonce and there are more people that I like.

If you could have the career of any other gymnast, who would it be?

I would choose my career any day; I am proud of it.

What makes gymnastics different from other sports?

The elegance, the maturity that an athlete needs to have in order to do this, because it is difficult, we don’t just concentrate to walk, there are four apparatuses, six apparatuses for the men; the ambition, the team spirit, that is needed in other disciplines as well but it’s also important for us.

Article from: The Couch Gymnast

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